BOXTRONIC and Smart Access Solutions are bringing the self-storage market into the digital age

BOXTRONIC and Smart Access Solutions seal strategic partnership

On August 25, 2020, the Munich-based companies agreed a strategic cooperation. In the future, tailor-made access and innovative monitoring solutions for operators of self-storage systems will be offered under the BOXTRONIC brand. Smart Access Solutions will continue to develop new and innovative industry-specific IoT and AI solutions on the basis of its own cloud-based technology platform. The solutions for self-storage operators developed for BOXTRONIC are exclusively marketed worldwide by BOXTRONIC. The solution is compimented by standardized interfaces to CRM and billing platforms as required by the Self Storage market.

Roland Tubbesing, Managing Director of BOXTRONIC emphasizes:

It’s more than just a lock!

The platform and the newly developed IoT devices provide the ideal basis for a new, digital business models for self-storage operators. Depending on the product, it is possible to convert to electronic locks without any additional cabling effort. The individual storage compartments can also be equipped with temperature, humidity and motion sensors, so customers and operators can always see whether the storage conditions are optimal fort he customer, allowing action to be taken - before damage occurs.

With the turnkey automation solutions from BOXTRONIC, self-storage operators can also operate in smaller areas and in inner-city centers as self-storage for which if manned would be unprofitable.

This means we will be closer to our customers in the future

says Roland Tubbesing.

BOXTRONIC has many years of own experience with the operation of self-storage systems and knows exactly the requirements of the industry. The market is growing rapidly and is looking for digital solutions to automate all business processes. Together we can create huge added value here.

reports Martin Schmidt, Managing Director of Smart Access Solutions.

BOXTRONIC already presented the first prototypes of the new platform for digitizing the self-storage market at the FEDESSA Conference & Trade Show in London last year. The event is the leading trade fair in the industry, which comprises 4,300 locations with 10 million square meters of storage space in Europe alone. (As of 2019)

Founded in November 2018 and based in the incubator site Munich, WERK1, Smart Access Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt) develops and sells server applications and mobile applications for the management and operation of electronic locking systems and access solutions for the professional sector.

Roland Tubbesing and Martin Schmidt seal strategic partnership