Going Live

Smart Access Solutions goes live On May 22, 2019, the Smart Access Solutions UG went live in the home café of WERK1. Co-workers and visitors to the café can easily occupy a compartment and securely store their personal belongings.

A total of 7 compartments are offered. The four compartments on the right-hand side are intended for day visitors to the café. The use of the lockers ends in the evening when the café closes. The three compartments on the left will be allocated over a longer period of time by the Community Manager Jens Kaus.

We hope that this first customer installation will provide valuable impetus for further product development.

said Martin Schmidt, Managing Director of Smart Access Solutions.

Founded in November 2018 and located in WERK1, Munich’s most start-up-friendly location, Smart Access Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt) develops and distributes server applications and mobile applications for the management and operation of electronic locking systems and access solutions for the professional sector.

The electronic locking systems require neither power supply nor Internet access and are therefore ideally suited for mobile use. The innovative process (patent pending) nevertheless allows central control and monitoring of all access rights or all accesses.

And with the web-based applications, you can easily manage hundreds or even thousands of electronic locks or users - no matter what the purpose.